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Found another slightly short post about her by
I can’t copy and format the post right now, since I’m stuck on mobile so please check the link below!
Remember Angela Weber…

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Found this little behind the scenes Video from a few days ago.

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A few days late, but better late than never.

Christian Serratos’ Stella McCartney tote is a thing of beauty. “I’m a makeup slut. They know me at Sephora — they’re my homies,” says the star of AMC’s The Walking Dead (Sundays, 9 p.m.) “That’s the majority of my purse.” The Pasadena, California, native, who is dating New Politics singer David Boyd, shows Us her stash.

No Scents of Shame
“I think the coolest new invention is Poo-Pourri. You spray it in the toilet and it makes the place smell great. Some people would be embarrassed by that, but I’m not.”

On the Fly
“I take my passport with me everywhere I go, even if I’m going across the street to Whole Foods. You never know if someone is going to whisk you away to Paris!”

Christian Serratos’ bag. credit: Shana Novak


Book Club

“I’m trying to finish the Fifty Shades saga. My mom was reading them and I thought she was the biggest weirdo, but I wanted to know why she was so invested.”

Bottled Up

“I am a snob when it comes to water. So often I go to places that just don’t have water that’s up to my standards, so I have to take Fiji everywhere I go.”

Keeping Her Place

“My hair spray has to be strong hold. Like, the strongest hold. When I want to look nice, I do 1940s curls, and that s–t needs to stay.”

Also in Serratos’ purse: Louis Vuitton wallet, Minnie Mouse head key chain, iPhone 6, white Apple headphones, black makeup bag, Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation stick, Cover FX Setting Powder, Morphe rose gold makeup brushes, Jeffree Star Mannequin lip stain, La Roche Posay medicated gel cleanser, Marc Jacobs mascara, Scunci headband, New Politics pullover sweater, paper, pens, Hello Kitty notebook, Jack Black Hand Healer, Emergen-C, Agent Provocateur VIP card, La Prairie Skin Caviar Foundation, Aquaphor.


source: usmagazine

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Hello, I’m the new admin of this site.
I go by the name of Lien, nice to meet you all :3
I have been keeping an eye on this site for a long time and I’m super excited to be the new owner of this fansite.
The first thing I did was updating all the things that wanted to be updated when I first logged into wordpress. We do not want the site to get hacked, do we? I will go take a look around what else needs to be updated and edited.
Bear with me, yes? I’ll try my best to bring this site back to life.

Do not forget the entries below this post.
Also any kind of help is welcome. Be it in the way of submitting images or any news that I might have missed out on.

//edit: some things might not be online right of the bat. I’m reorganizing some things on here. I will also most likely make a new twitter account since I have no access to the old one.

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