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I feel really bad that this site is so inactive, but with rarely any updates there is not much I can do.
Here are a few things that I found~

The Walking Dead: AMC Releases Season 7B Photos & Details

and here are some more preview pictures:×09-preview-images

Christian also posted quite some pictures on Instagram that you probably would love to see :3

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0 This entry was posted by admin on January 19, 2017

I’ve never really reported about Convetions or Events she will be attending before, right? so sorry.
Should I add a Calender with her Schedules, perhaps?

As stated by the official  Walker Stalker Con Twitter Christian is announced for Walker Stalker Con London & New Jersey.


If you are going to attend and get to take pictures, it would be kind of you to share them with me 🙂
You’ll be credited, of course.

0 This entry was posted by admin on January 10, 2017

Seems like our lovely actress Christian isn’t very active currently.
Here is all I managed to gather from when I was away.

AND a somewhat older post

As you all may or may not have noticed, I won’t be directly copying from websites anymore, but link their posts instead.
It’s 1. a whole lot more respectful since those people also work hard on their posts and 2. will get me into less copyright trouble.

I hope you visitors do not mind this way of updating.
Regarding a new design, creativity is currently not on my side, nor do I have money to order at the moment, but I will see what I can do.

0 This entry was posted by admin on December 27, 2016

and will be checking for any updates that I’ve missed out on.
Please bear with me!?

0 This entry was posted by admin on December 27, 2016

I won’t be able to post any updates on here starting tomorrow (if there are any, that is) till the 27th or so!
I will be overseas, visiting my grandma who doesn’t have any internet.
When I return, I will of course check back to see if there were any updates regarding our lovely Christian and I will try to make a new Design for the site as well.
Have a wonderful Christmas you all 🙂

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