Apply For Affiliation

•  Must be a HQ/MQ website
•  Must have a domain name(.com, .org, .net or else)
• Can’t have a free hosting (pizco, freewebs or so..)
• Must be up (no Hiatus, Coming Soon, ect.)
• Must have linked us first
• Must have ‘a good’ number of hits
• Must put us in the index file (a photo icon required) there
everyone could find us easily
• Must Have An English Version
• Must follow us on Twitter first. If you have one. We’ll check the site
if it has one. So no lying. WE’LL FOLLOW BACK.

Note: Do NOT apply if you aren’t going to add us. To prevent this, please add us first because we receive lots of applications that we accept and they don’t linke back. Please remember if you don’t add us in five days you will be removed from our affiliates. If the site is not being updated daily and is in our affiliates already, we’ll remove them and add them back if  the website comes back with updates and contacts us. I do check often my elite affiliates.

Note: Please remember that there can always be exceptions. Feel free to apply if you really want to and if you think your site should be affiliated with us even though it doesn’t fit all of the requirements above.

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