2013 / May / 05

Aloha! Bello Blog just published a little interview with Christian, so I hurry to share it with you! Also, as a bonus, there were some pictures of Kish done by Angelo Kritikos – an amazing photographer – so go check them out as well! The pics are currently LQ and there’s only 5 of them, but I hope some more will be published in the near future :]

On how her life has changed since the franchise’s end. I don’t know that it has. It was an amazing experience that affected so many people and generated so many fans and I am thankful for that. That being said, I made a conscious effort for my life to stay the same and I am so happy I did so. Thank God.

On what kind of roles she has her eye set on. I would love to be in a dramatic role or a really good comedy. Anything challenging. I wont pooh pooh anything. I’m open to the new and unexplored.

On if things have gotten easier as an actress after playing Angela. No. Not easier. Always gotta work hard Sometimes I feel the reverse is true. I was happy to do it and be a part of it. It was a special time in my life traveling to meet the fans. There is however a stigma about being in a trilogy that is so well known. Sometimes people who are not fans that are involved in casting want to say you are too well known as the Twilight character. I know they didn’t watch it or they would know I am not recognized as her. She wore glasses and was not Bella.

On her jewelry line Kisshy. It’s fab! Made here in US by my mom and myself. I am of course endorsing it but I also do pick, pull and design the jewelry myself. There’s no slight of hand here. There’s some unique cuff chunky pieces and we’re really excited for everyone to see.