2016 / Dec / 12

Sorry for being a bit late, I was avoiding any kind of spoilers till I had the chance to watch the episode.
Please go check out this post about the midseason finale. It includes a lot of spoilers so if you haven’t watched the episode by now, do not click on this post

I know I’m always a little bit late and I’m sorry for that, but please go and check out this post on cleveland.com
Theres a discussion on how most likely Rosita is going to die in the midseason finale.

Also for the ones not being overly interested in it, here have a still and a teaser video of the next episode.

and the video~

2016 / Dec / 05

Please do check out the post on tvguide.com They talk about the possibilities of Eugene and Rosita getting together.
It even includes a little interview with Josh McDermitt.

Found another slightly short post about her by ok.co.uk
I can’t copy and format the post right now, since I’m stuck on mobile so please check the link below!
Remember Angela Weber…