Name: Christian Serratos Web

Current address: C-Serratos.Net

Current Website Owner:

Past Owner/s: Lien, Felicia, Victoria, Karina

Website Opened: 2010-01

Proudly Hosted By: Flaunt

Past about story

I don’t really have a super-duper good website story. This one is probably very alike to all the other fansite’s, but if you were interested enough to come here, I guess I did a pretty good job! ;D So of course it all began when I saw this movie Twilight. I found Angela’s character really cute and adorable, and I started wondering who is it played by. Then I googled it and that was the first time I heard the name “Christian Serratos “. Since that day I began to visit Christian’s fansites, but after a while they all stopped working, and I was all like “Whaaat?! Why?!”. So at that time there wasn’t any online sources for Christian and I thought “hmm, maybe I should start my own?”. Well that was a really brave idea. Back then I didn’t know anything, like ANYTHING about websites! I was so green that I didn’t even know where I should start. So then I emailed Prisc – AshleyTisdale.Lt fansite webmiss and asked if she could help me. Prisc pointed me to Fearless – DobrevSource.Org webmiss and soon enough we started working with Christian Serratos Source . Fearless created almost EVERYTHING. She taught me how to use all these “insane” programs and here we are now, bringing you the latest Christian Serratos news 🙂 WOW. I can’t believe you read it all! Thank you for giving me and C-Serratos.Net your 5 minutes, I really hope you love this site as much as I do!