2013 / May / 05

Hello dear visitor, it’s nice to see you here at C-Serratos.Net! This post is going to be about the site’s networks, so you would know where else to look for more information, pictures of Christian and where to contact us as well :] Let me start with Twitter! Our one and only Twitter account is @cserratosnet where by tweeting we notify you about the latest news on the site. After that I’d like to introduce you to our Tumblr – C-Serratos.tumblr.com. As there aren’t lots of news about Christian all the time you might get bored, so I say you go check out our tumblr which is constantly updated! Also, I would like to say that I’ll be more than happy to follow you back on tumblr! On twitter not so much, but only because it would be so hard to notice Christian’s tweets though that.. Moving on, you should also check out our YouTube page for all the videos related to miss Serratos – YouTube/C-Serratos.Net. Hmm. That’s it I guess! I hope you’ll enjoy all of the networks and if you have any questions just comment below, I don’t bite! Well…see you around!

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