2013 / Jun / 05

Hey guys! So as Christian’s new movie Pop Star aka Lip Gloss is figuring everywhere around, I thought I’d give you some more information about it. Here’s a mini article that I found at ETonline: “Christian Serratos takes on a very different role in Pop Star, in which she plays Roxie, a struggling singer who thinks she’s made it big when she decides to lend her voice to a talentless but sexy and influential socialite (Rachele Brooke Smith). But not only does the shady lip-sync situation run into some complications, but she also gets exposed to the seedy side of the entertainment industry … as evidenced by this clip featuring a creepy run-in with famous music producer Eddie Marz (played by Ross Thomas). Pop Star, produced by George Caceres, will be coming to LMN (Lifetime Movie Network) on June 29 at 10 p.m.” I hope this helps you get a little touch on what you should expect from the movie :] I’m really excited myself and I can’t wait to get some more info! Also, please notice that I’ve uploaded some more Pop Star/Lip Gloss pictures including the poster (which I think looks awesome) and one promotional image, enjoy!


2013 / Jun / 03

Hey my dears! Today I’m sharing with you some new stills of Christian’s upcoming movie Pop Star (Lip Gloss). We already had a bunch of pics to run through, but now that I’ve added more, please check them out! Also, I have a video, so it’s double exciting! Go check out the pics, go check out the video clip below, gogo! Ah, it’s summer in my head today, I’m sorry if I sound weird, haha!

2013 / May / 29

Miss Christian Serratos attended the screening of CBS Films’ “The Kings of Summer” at ArcLight Cinemas on May 28, 2013 in Hollywood, California. Looking retro-awesome in a black women tuxedo (actually, I’m not sure it’s a tuxedo, but I can’t find the right word for she was wearing ;D), rocking black heels, cute ballet bun and OF COURSE Kisshy jewelry! I’m happy to say that I have a couple videos of her arrivals, so make sure you check them out below! For now, 5 HQ pictures are waiting for you in the gallery, I’ll inform you if their number grow!


EDIT: 66 more pictures were added to the gallery, enjoy! (Total: 73 MQ pics)

2013 / May / 24

Actress Christian Serratos attended the Screening Of Summit Entertainment’s “Now You See Me” at ArcLight Hollywood on May 23, 2013 in Hollywood, California. Christian wore a little sparkly golden dress and just blossomed on the red carpet! I have only 7 HQ pictures for now, because somehow my Getty account don’t let me erase the tags they give and I really hate sharing pics where all you can see is tags, but not Christian :[ Hopefully, there will be some new photos released soon, and I promise to post them here as fast as I can!

EDIT: 49 more pictures were added to the gallery, enjoy! (Total: 56 HQ pics)

2013 / May / 19

Christian Serratos attended Perez Hilton’s  CD Release Party in West Hollywood, CA. Looking flawless as always our favorite actress caught everyone’s eye with a black retro below-knees dress, sparkly Louboutins and a smile from ear to ear :] Christian’s company was kept by her lovely friend Michelle Cho :] For now I have 14 HQ pictures from this event, hopefully I’ll find some more soon!