Thank Yous

Here we have some amazing people, who gave me their time and helped with building Christian Serratos Web.

● Past Owners: Thank you to all the people who’ve build up the fansite before I came here. Without you all, this fansite wouldn’t be what it is today.

● Other Mentions: Fearless. Prisc

● Visitors: You guys are the best! You are the reason why I’m constantly updating this site and every each of you deserves a THANK YOU. I am so incredibly grateful to have you with me, please keep visiting the site and keep telling me your opinion, also, have FUN!

● Flaunt: Thank you so much for hosting this website and purchasing our domain! Also, thank you for being so helpful whenever we needed to fix or update something :] THANK YOU!

● Christian Serratos: We saved the major “thank you” for the end. Thank you Christian for being such an inspiration to us and all of your other fans. Thank you for supporting this site and, of course, thank you for being such an amazing actress!